Marshmallow Calming Cat Bed

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Treat your kitty to the ultimate snuggle session with our plush Marshmallow Calming Cat Beds. Made from extra long faux fur, these beds feature a raised edge to make your cat feel safe and secure. The donut-shaped cat bed offers plenty of head and neck support - ideal for kitties that love to curl up and enjoy a cosy cat nap. 

Perfect for kneaders

Does your cat love to knead? This bed couldn't be more perfect for kitties that love a little paw action. The plush faux fur exterior and super soft filling will have your cats purring like kittens. 

Calming design

If your kitty is a little anxious or finds it hard to wind down, this calming cat bed is just what the doctor ordered. Nestled deep into the donut, even the most highly strung kitties will fall into a deep purrrrrrrrr. 

  • Extra long faux fur
  • Raised edges
  • 60cm diameter
  • Machine washable and easy to clean
  • Tumble dry on low for extra fluff

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