Blue Skies Engraved Cat Collar & Bow Tie Set

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Make your kitty the coolest cat on the block with our Blue Skies Engraved Cat Collar & Bow Tie Set. Designed especially for cats, our quick release collars are packed with feline-friendly features, including super soft materials, lightweight buckles and silver bells. We laser engrave every collar with your cat's name and your phone number, so your kitty can always find their way home.  

***Available as a single collar or as a set! Please choose your preferred option when making a purchase***

Tough materials

We know cats love to get up to mischief which is why we design all our collars with strength and durability in mind. Whether your cat is a tree climber, a window percher, a garden dweller, or a neighborhood patroller, our custom engraved cat collars are quality tested for indoor and outdoor wear. 

Soft and comfortable

Comfort should always be front of mind when choosing a cat collar. We keep ours comfy by using a luxuriously soft polysilk weave that won't weigh your cat down. The fabric has a glossy finish that's purr-fect for style-conscious kitties. A petite metal buckle ensures the collar stays secure, without irritating or annoying your cat.

Laser engraved

We use ultra-precise laser engraving to customize your cat collar. As well as your pet's name, we'll engrave your phone number on the buckle so you can be reunited with your cat as soon as PAWsible if they become lost or decide to go exploring beyond their usual boundaries. 

Removable bow tie

When it's time to get a little fancy, just add a bow tie! Featuring Velcro straps, our adorable matching cat bow ties are easy to secure or remove from the collar. 

Quick release buckle

Designed especially for cats, our collars feature 'quick release' buckles that come loose when exposed to force. This allows your cat to break free if it becomes trapped or entangled. Quick release cat collars are particularly important for outdoor kitties that like to climb trees, jump fences and explore unchartered territory. 

Vivid colors

We print our cat collars using premium quality ink to ensure the brightest, most eye-catching colors. They're waterproof and fade resistant, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor kitties. 

Cat safe materials 

From our premium inks to our super soft fabrics, every Planet Purrr collar is made with only the finest cat safe materials. 

Bird-friendly bell

All our cat collars come with a bell to help protect local birdlife. If your cat has developed a taste for feathered friends, bells are a great way to prevent incidents.  

Available in two sizes

Our quick release cat collars are available in two sizes. Both are adjustable to give you plenty of wiggle room and ensure a perfect fit. Please measure your cat's neck carefully before selecting your size. 


width: 1.2cm 

length: 16-26cm


width: 1.2cm

length: 20-32cm

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