Rainbow Catnip Plush Toys (5 Pack)

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Send your kitty into a frenzy with our best-selling Rainbow Catnip Plush Toys. The pack comes with five of these adorable cat nip toys - one for every room in the house! Each toy is stuffed with high quality catnip sourced from the best growers. Watch as your kitty chews, flips and chases these little plush toys around the house. Great fun for kitties, and hoomans too!

A natural high

Catnip is rich in nepetalactone, a naturally-occurig stimulant that can help to excite cats and create a sense of euphoria. It's known as 'kitty crack' for a reason and can turn even the most laidback cats into energetic kittens. 

Calm anxious kitties

If your cat is anxious or scared, catnip can be a great way to help them relax and unwind. We often see our Rainbow Catnip Plush Toys used to calm down foster cats as they transition off the street and into their new homes. Catnip toys can also reduce stress in unfamiliar settings, making them great for throwing into a cat backpack or carry cage as you transport your kitty to the vet or boarding kennel. 

Encourage play and movement

Fed your kitty a few too many treats? Catnip boosts energy and can be a sneaky way to encourage your cat to play, move and of course, burn calories. The "high" usually lasts for between 5 to 10 minutes, during which time your kitty will be so excited they'll forget they're exercising.   

What we love:

  • Soft plush exterior
  • Stuffed with high quality catnip 
  • Comes in a pack of five
  • Pink, yellow, green, blue and coffee

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