Fur Magnet Cat Grooming Glove

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Treat your kitty to a luxurious grooming session with our Fur Magnet Cat Grooming Glove. Made from super soft rubber, this two-in-one brush removes hair, dander and dirt while gently massaging your fur baby with flexible tooth bristles. Ahh kitty bliss. It's a cinch to clean - simply peel off the layer of fur and discard. The more you collect, the easier it gets! 

  • Two-in-one massage and grooming brush
  • Perfect for long and short haired cats
  • Soft rubber bristles
  • Adjustable velcro wrist strap 
  • Easy slip-on design

Incredible fur collection 

Unlike traditional cat grooming brushes, this glove features incredible coverage thanks to the five-finger design. The increased surface area means you can remove MORE hair in less time. The glove also makes it easy to groom hard-to-reach places, like the face, tail and belly. 

Super soft and flexible

Butter soft rubber bristles are gentle on the skin and perfect for sensitive kitties. The clever design means you can apply plenty of pressure without irritating your cat or causing discomfort. As well as removing hair, the gentle massage promotes blood circulation and encourages relaxation. It's not unusual for kitties to fall into a deep purr while enjoying a session with our Fur Magnet Cat Grooming Glove. 

Adjustable fit

Our one-size-fits-all pet glove is easy to adjust using the velcro wrist strap. Simply tighten or loosen for the perfect fit. Other human-friendly features include a breathable mesh lining to keep you cool while you groom. This cat grooming glove is also machine washable. 

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