Purrrito Cat Sleeping Bag

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Worried your kitty might be getting the chills? Our Purrrito Cat Sleeping Bag turns up the heat with a luxuriously soft cloth exterior and insulated quilt insert. A cute cat-sized pillow is the icing on the cake for kitties that need their beauty sleep. 

Serious snuggle factor

The semi-enclosed design locks in heat to keep your kitty warm and snuggly on even the coldest nights. The breathable material is designed to regulate body temperature, meaning your kitty will be not too hot, not too cold, but just right. 


Anxious kitties can often find it hard to relax in open spaces. The Purrrito Cat Sleeping Bag solves this problem with a clever semi-enclosed design that feels safe and cozy. 

Machine Washable 

A removable insert makes it easy to wash the Purrrito Cat Sleeping Bag. Simply unzip, throw the cover in the washing machine and freshen up your kitty's new favorite snooze spot. 

Available in two sizes

Medium offers plenty of space for most kitties. We could recommend this size if your cat weighs up to 5kg/11lb. For larger breeds such as Maine Coons, Siberians, British Shorthairs and any other plus-sized kitties, we'd recommend upsizing to a Large.

M 55x40cm

L 65x50cm


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